Healing Sound 528 Hz Frequency linked with quick healing repair and love INTENSITY WARNING

July 28, 2011 on 4:52 pm | In Reiki | 25 Comments

www.braineditor.com Stereo Headphones are mandatory, this music may not be effective without it. This music is designed to alter the state of your brain. This sound is linked with the healing, repair, wholeness and love. Healing starts at the DNA cellular level so you may feel rejuvenated and less sleep may be required after the complete 20 minutes session. Please do not explore this music if you suffer from epilepsy, mental illness or any hearing disorders.

Re: Can you be Hypnotized? Self Hypnosis Video

July 28, 2011 on 12:33 pm | In Hypnotherapy | 1 Comment

Video Cam Direct Upload

Tutorial #009 Scuba Diving [HD] [German mehr oder weniger]

July 27, 2011 on 5:02 pm | In Scuba | No Comments

Hallo ich bin muzi und zeige euch heute den scuba Diving mod!! ———————————————————————————— DL: Scuba Diving: www.minecraftforum.net Modloader: www.minecraftforum.net Gui API: www.minecraftforum.net Winrar: www.chip.de

????? ?????? ?? ??? ???. ??? ???????? ?????

July 27, 2011 on 4:56 pm | In Feng Shui | No Comments

????? ?????? ?? ??? ??? ? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ????????????, ??? ???????? ????? ? ?????, ????????? ???-???. Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and Master Feng Shui Yap Boh Chu tell us, how to attract luck, using Feng Shui.

?????????NLP????? ??????® ????

July 27, 2011 on 12:38 pm | In NLP | 1 Comment

???????????????????? ??????® NLP????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Tom’s ?????????????? ????????????????????????? toms.cocoro-nlp.com ???????????????????®???????????????? ???????????????????? ? ??????????????????? ??????????????×?????????????????? ????×?????????=??????????????????????? www.youtube.com Know your Mind Know your Self NLP????? ??????®

Kamalau Juvee 1.75inch item# RHS030 www.fengshuiaquatic.com

July 26, 2011 on 4:56 pm | In Feng Shui | No Comments

check us out at www.fengshuiaquatic.com


July 26, 2011 on 4:53 pm | In Copywriting | 1 Comment

danoday.com When ad copywriting commercials for insurance, sell the RESULTS. This Australian advertisement fails the test, as explained by TV & radio advertising expert Dan O’Day.

Room for Happiness (Medical Orgone Therapy): Bob

July 26, 2011 on 12:32 pm | In Hypnotherapy | 4 Comments

If you care to see some little-known videos that truly refute “conventional wisdom” and may lead you to a fuller living experience (maybe even from watching the first 10 minutes, which will probably make you want to see the rest), check these: -Water the Great Mystery (Water has memory. Russian version has better narrative voice and is still in English) -Quantum Communication (David Sereda) -Room for Happiness Medical Orgone Therapy -Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (Let FDA try and explain this one) -Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What (ESP research, truly shocking and awesome) -The Day I Died (NDE, near death experience, a true must-see) -The Biology of Perception (Dr. Bruce Lipton. Bottom line– you can change your genes) -Introduction to Flotation Tanks (bottom line– awareness and creativity increases, stress decreases, and the effect lasts for days) -The Living Matrix (energy medicine) -Masks of Madness (schizophrenia healed nutritionally) -The World According to Monsanto (and how they’re taking humanity hostage) -Energy Healing Donna Eden (these exercises are so simple and worth trying) -Vaccine Nation -Prescription for Disaster -BBC Hypnotherapy -The New Rulers of the World (by John Pilger. World Bank and International Monetary Fund intentionally increases world poverty) -The War On Democracy (John Pilger. CIA kills the world and tortures the innocent, one democracy at a time) -The Fluoride Deception (Industrial waste, anyone?) -Burzynski

Yoga For All – Yoga Works: Sun Salutation Energy

July 25, 2011 on 5:02 pm | In Yoga | 8 Comments

Kori Fletchner of Yoga Works shows you a series of simple Yoga moves that are a great quick pick me up for any time of day. For more Exercise TV Workout Videos and Products, go to bit.ly

???? ???????? Scuba Diving

July 25, 2011 on 4:58 pm | In Scuba | No Comments

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